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jo ann h. hart

Art expresses a visual eloquence and elucidates the intangible.


Our exposure to art challenges us to view the world in a different way.

As a visual communicator, an artist understands the importance of interpretation and visual perception in the development of imagery. Artists create powerful imagery with the knowledge of subjects, historical contexts, and the knowledge of an environment. This process helps the viewer recognize the contextual, cultural, and social implications of an artist's imagery.


This is a year of tragedy. I will remember the loss and honor those gone. In the new world, we will view each other as equal beings. Our differences that make us unique, will make us special to one another. 

We will view generosity as a commonplace occurrence, and we will create a common ground for understanding one another. 

I chose nature as a source of inspiration. Nature understands the importance of balance. In nature, independence, success, and dominance exists in a balance toward the cohesive welfare of the whole. 

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